地球一周 以上
前に20代のころ4年間バイクに乗っていて、夏や冬、春の休みはいつもバイクで日本中を旅行していたことを書いた。その時期、土日も中国や四国、関西地方のいろいろな場所にバイクでよく出かけていて(当時関西地方に住んでいた)、4年間で走った距離は約5万キロ。これは地球一周をはるかに上回る距離だ。そのことを考えるたびに よく走ったなあと我ながら感心するし、なぜそんなにたくさん走ったんだろうと思う。


I wrote earlier that I rode a motorcycle for four years when in my twenties and spent all summer, winter, and spring vacations during that period traveling by motorcycle throughout Japan. During the same period, I also made many weekend motorcycle trips to many places in the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kansai regions. I lived in Kansai at the time. Over the four years, I traveled a distance of about thirty-one thousand miles, which is well over the circumference of the Earth. Whenever I think of it, I'm impressed with the distance and wonder what drove me to ride that much.
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I rode a motorcycle for four years when in my twenties. During that period, I spent all summer, winter, and spring vacations traveling by motorcycle throughout Japan. Each trip was about one week long, and while on those trips, I often felt like I'd been traveling by motorcycle for years. Maybe that was because I rode all day except for stopping for a meal, short breaks or to enjoy the scenery by the roadside. I also felt that I would be traveling for many more years. In fact, I wish I could travel around for the rest of my life.

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Coffee is my favorite drink. I may be exaggerating, but I feel that it's indispensable to my everyday life. In the morning before getting to work, I have a cup of coffee to prepare myself mentally for the day's challenges. At lunchtime, I have a cup of coffee to recharge my batteries for the second half of the day. Then after work, in a coffee shop or on a station platform, I enjoy a cup or can of coffee, while looking back on the day's work or planning how to spend the evening. Having a cup of coffee makes me feel refreshed and ready for whatever will come next.

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There is a saying in Japanese, "never twice without thrice". If it holds true for one of my camera lens caps, then I may lose it, since I have already lost it twice (but found it both times). The first time I lost it was last May when I photographed birds on the nearby riverbank. Fortunately, I found it there the next day. The second time was last week, again in the same place. Funnily at that time, however, I only realized I had lost it when I found it there several days later. I will be careful not to let the third time happen.
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A happy thing happened to me today. I saw a Japanese wagtail, one of my favorite birds, up close. I was walking in the rain along a tree-lined street, holding my umbrella down over my head, when a little bird came into view from the left edge of the umbrella. It was eating on the ground about three feet from me. At first I thought it was a sparrow because few birds except sparrows go that close to people. However, I soon realized it was a Japanese wagtail, and felt a bit happy about the close encounter.

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I sometimes dream about earthquakes, and did again last night. In the dream I was in a room on the top floor of a skyscraper. The room had a glass window wall that looked down on millions of city lights below. I was gazing through the window at the view, entranced, when abruptly strong shaking began. I felt somehow familiar with the shaking sensation, and knew, as one does in a dream, that the skyscraper I was in would soon fall down into the sea of lights. Strangely calm, I waited for the moment when the floor would stop shaking and then start making its one-way trip.  
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トビにチョッカイを出す カラス
High in the sky, a crow and a black kite are flying several feet from each other. The crow seems to be chasing the black kite, which is much bigger than the crow. I've seen crows flying very close to black kites several times since I started photographing birds this March. There should be some reason for the crow's behavior, but in all the scenes I've witnessed, the crows seemed to be chasing the black kites solely for fun. The black kite is a bird of prey, but it usually doesn't attack live birds. Probably the crows know that.
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猫 と 8羽の カラス
猫が公園内の生け垣の近くで何かを食べています。その周りには8羽のカラス。猫から食べ物を捕ろうとチャンスをうかがっているようです。カラスは攻撃的なので、猫、大ピンチ! と思いましたが、よく見るとそんなことありませんでした。カラスは猫よりも互いの動きを見ていました。たくさん分け前を捕ろうということだと思います。そんなカラスにときどき目を遣りながら、猫はお食事タイムを楽しんでいるようでした。
A cat is eating something near the hedge in a park. Surrounding it are eight crows, seemingly watching for a chance to snitch the food from the cat. Crows are an aggressive bird, so when I noticed them, I thought the cat was in dire straits. However, upon a closer look, that turned out not to be true. The crows were watching each other's movements rather than the cat, maybe to try to get a bigger share of the food. Occasionally glancing at the crows around it, the cat seemed to be just enjoying its meal. 
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Whether noise is annoying or not sometimes depends on how you take it. Here is an example of what I mean. I sometimes go to the municipal library and read magazines in the magazine section. Next to the magazine section is the picture book section where preschool kids can sit and read on the carpeted floor. Sometimes some of the kids are noisy. Well, to me that's okay since I don't expect them to be quiet in the first place. However, if adults, who I think should observe library rules are talking near me, I feel a bit annoyed with them. 
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This may sound odd, but I can say that my reading skills in English did not improve while I was at home, but while I was out. It was while commuting on the train that I read many books in English. It was while walking on the street that I memorized words and phrases, with a page torn from a wordbook in my hand. The reason I did those things in those places was that I could concentrate more easily and deeply on reading and memorizing there than when at home, where I had to (and have to) resist the temptation to just relax and do nothing.
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(Two seagulls are perched together on top of the control deck of a fishing vessel.)

The two seagulls seemed to be a couple, and showed me interesting behavior. When the bird on the right turned to look at the bird on the left, the left bird responded by raising its beak skyward. Then, when the right bird turned away, the left bird lowered its beak. They repeated this several times, and then flew away together. Maybe this behavior meant nothing, but I just imagine, while facing each other, they communicated in a way only they could understand.

カッコに入った最初の英文は、添削者の方に写真をイメージしてもらうための文です。(添削者の方は写真なしで添削のため)。提出時の英文の冒頭には Photo Description と入れて、写真についての英文とすぐにわかるようにしておきました。
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A starless night. A train is at a station in the countryside, which at this hour is deserted. The train blends into the darkness, with only the bright windows and the red tail lamps showing it is there. I'm attracted to this photo for some reason. While looking at it, I can't help imagining I'm sitting in a window seat on the train, resting my elbow on the windowsill, with my chin on my palm. While in college, I sometimes traveled alone by night train and sat that way, looking aimlessly outside and watching for hours the lights of cars or houses in the distance first slowly approaching and then receding into the darkness.
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悲劇 (あるいは 喜劇) 発生


I met with "disaster" today. I got bombed by a bird, a big one, a CORMORANT! I was taking photographs on the beach, when I felt something like a water balloon hit and burst on my head. I looked up to see several cormorants flying away, and was horrified by what I immediately understood must have happened. I snatched a handkerchief from my pocket, put it softly on my head, and checked the splotch on it to confirm my fear. I have previously witnessed cormorants relieving themselves copiously, so I could guess at the extent of the problem. Imagining my hair was messy with the droppings, I screamed, but only inside my own head.

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波打ち際で餌を捕る ユリカモメ
Black-headed gulls are feeding at the edge of the water on a small beach, where there are lots of broken seashells and seaweed that has washed ashore. One gull is slowly flying low over the other gulls, trying to find a place to land. Although not captured in this photo, some of the gulls were eating seaweed, which I hadn't known that seagulls eat. I took this photo in March this year, about the time I started photographing water birds. When I look at them through the viewfinder of my camera, they sometimes give me a pleasant surprise.  
# by cbx400fk | 2006-11-03 20:59 | 水鳥のこと
Cormorants have blue eyes. They are not a beautiful bird, and in some of my photos of them, they even look a bit scary when their blue eyes glow murky in some light conditions. However, the bird in this photo, which is perched on a yellow steel bar against the clear blue sky, looks somewhat cool, maybe because of its posture and its eyes that are as clear as the sky. It seems cormorants aren't attractive to bird watchers, but I've come to like them while taking many pictures of them. 
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